The POWERADE Challenge consists of three separate running courses in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.


When do registrations open?

Registrations & courses for the POWERADE Challenge open 3 weeks before the Challenge courses open. The courses are open on the following dates:

Auckland: Registrations open 2nd October. Course Opens 23rd October.
Christchurch: Course closed for 2017
Wellington: Course closed for 2017

When do registrations close?

Registrations close for the POWERADE Challenge on the following dates:

Auckland: Sunday 19th November (2 weeks prior to close)
Christchurch: Course closed for 2017
Wellington: Course closed for 2017

How can I sign up for the POWERADE Challenge?

You can register online at

If you have a wristband from the 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016 POWERADE Challenge, you can register it online at and start running the course as soon as it opens.

How long does it take from registration for my pack to arrive?

You should receive your registration pack and RFID wristband within 7 days of registering online. If you have not received it within 7 days then please contact us on 0800 505 123 or e-mail us on


What are the courses?

The POWERADE Challenge consists of three interactive running courses in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. The Auckland course is 9km, Wellington is 8km and Christchurch is 9km. Each Course has checkpoints; you will need to tag your band on all checkpoints to complete your run.

What are the checkpoints & why are they important?

You need to have swiped your POWERADE wristband at all checkpoints to track your time, log your run times to the POWERADE Challenge leaderboard and access your individual time and statistics. If you don’t swipe your wristband at all checkpoints, your time will not be recorded. Check out Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland checkpoints.

How many weeks can I run the POWERADE Challenge for?

You can participate in the POWERADE Challenge in your location for 6 weeks once the Challenge has started.

Where does the course start?

The Christchurch course starts at Antigua Boatsheds, 2 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch Central. The Wellington course starts at Fergs Kayaks, 12 Queens Wharf, Wellington Waterfront. The Auckland course can start from either end; either outside the Ferry Terminal in Downtown Auckland, or outside Fergs Kayaks, 12 Tamaki Drive, Okahu Bay. For more details on where the courses start from visit “THE COURSE” page on the POWERADE Challenge website ( or download the POWERADE Challenge app for more information.

Can't people just run the POWERADE Challenge without registering?

Yes. But for those that want to have their course times included on the Leaderboard and be eligible for the prize draws, then they will need to register for the POWERADE Challenge on our website (

Are there any safety precautions in place to make sure runners are safe?

We encourage runners to take care on the course and to warm-up before they run. Safety information is available to participants on the POWERADE Challenge website (

I signed up for the Christchurch course but want to know if I can take part in the Auckland/Wellington course?

Unfortunately the leaderboard will only update with your time when you run the course that you selected in the registration process. You are of course free to run a different course to what you registered for, but your time will not appear on the leaderboard.

Can people run it at any time or is there a set start time?

Once people have received their RFID wristbands, re-activated a wristband from 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016 or download the POWERADE Challenge app they can run the course at any time. They just need to have their wristband on or the POWERADE Challenge app on their phone to start.
Note: Some areas of the Christchurch Challenge course do not have adequate street lighting, for your safety this course will be closed for running between 7pm and 7am.

Can I start the POWERADE Challenge from the other end?

Only for Auckland, for the Wellington/Christchurch course you must start and finish at the stated check-in start point. Please view “THE COURSE” page on the website for full details.

How fit do I need to be to take part in the POWERADE Challenge?

You will need a reasonable standard of fitness to run the POWERADE Challenge and you must ensure that you have undertaken sufficient training to complete the course. If you have any illness, injury, disability or impairment that could lead to an injury as a result of participating in the POWERADE Challenge then we recommend you have clearance from your doctor prior to running the course.

Where is the POWERADE CHALLENGE happening?

The POWERADE Challenge is happening in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington in 2017. The courses are designed on a loop circuit that start and finish at the same starting point. The Christchurch course starts at Cambridge Terrace on North Hagley Park and extends around the park. The Auckland course starts at the Auckland Downtown Ferry Terminal and extends part way along Tamaki Drive. The Wellington course starts at Fergs Kayaks on Queens Wharf and extends along Oriental Parade and Evan’s Bay Parade.

Do you have to buy a POWERADE Challenge PACK to participate in the POWERADE Challenge?

No. Anyone over the age of 16 just needs to register on the POWERADE Challenge website or Challenge app to participate. You can get a free wristband delivered or use your phone to run the course.


What is an RFID wristband?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. The RFID wristband communicates with customized POWERADE vending machines. The technology delivers accurate time keeping by allowing participants to communicate with vending machines that upload results to the runner’s profile on the Leaderboard at

Can I use my wristband from last year?

Yes. However you will need to re-register it online to take part this year. Select the option ‘Activate a wristband you already have’ as part of registration and enter the wristband number located on the back of the wristband.

I lost my RFID wristband, can I get another one?

Please call us on 0800 505 123 or e-mail us on and provided we still have spare wristbands available we can post you out a new one.

The mid-way point didn't register my RFID wristband, will it still accurately record my time?

You need to go through all checkpoints on the course for your time to be recorded and appear on the leaderboard. Please contact us on 0800 505 123 if your wristband does not get recognised at the check points.

Can I use someone else's band to run the course?

No, you can only use the wristband that was assigned to you during the 2017 POWERADE Challenge registration process.

Where are the midway checkpoints for the Course?

There are 2 midway checkpoints for Christchurch all around North Hagley park. The mid-way checkpoint for Auckland is outside Fergs Kayaks on Tamaki Drive. The mid-way point in Wellington is located at the Balaena Bay public bathrooms (this is a small wooden construction located on Evan’s Bay Parade). There is more information on the course on “THE COURSE” page of our POWERADE Challenge website ( or in the information sent out to you as part of your registration pack.

How do I start a team for the POWERADE Challenge?

From 17th July 2017 you will be able to start a team for the Wellington course by visiting the “MY RUN STATS” section of the POWERADE Challenge website. Before starting a team or joining a team you must first register for the POWERADE Challenge as an individual. You will then be able to invite your friends or colleagues by E-mail to join your team.


Why hasn't my time appeared on the leaderboard?

You need to ensure that you check-in at all checkpoints along the course before your time will appear on the leaderboard. If you have checked in correctly and your time has still not appeared, please contact us on 0800 505 123.

Why hasn't our team time appeared on the Leaderboard?

3 people in your team need to run the POWERADE Challenge course before your team time will appear on the leaderboard. Once 3 people in your team have run it, your average team time will be displayed.

Will my run time be made public on the Leaderboard?

Yes, once a participant has registered and run the course their fastest time will be recorded on the Leaderboard at

Why don't all my times go on the leaderboard?

Only your fastest time is loaded to the leaderboard. However you can view your other run times in the “My Run Stats” section of the POWERADE Challenge website (

What is the POWERADE Challenge Leaderboard?

The POWERADE Challenge Leaderboard shows the relative times of everyone who has participated in the course. It can be found at